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  Experienced Los Angeles corporate lawyer Jores Kharatian of Kharatian Law represents business owners and shareholders in all types of transactional and disputes involving the decisions, strategy and running of companies of all sizes.  From shareholder disputes and corporate formation and strategy to lawsuits against company officers and directors who fail to live up to their duties under California law to exercise their authority in the best interest of company shareholders, Jores has the experience to represent you no matter whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur who needs help making your great idea a successful business to a retiree who depends on the dividends from a company that is being mismanaged by its officers or directors to the detriment of shareholders.   In the area of corporate transactions, Jores is experienced in the formation and governance of corporate entities under California law.  If you are starting a new business and need help with every step of the way, from choosing a name and the right corporate entity for your particular business venture, to the legal challenges associated with expanding your business, such as taking on additional investors and the required corporate filings, agreements and paperwork associated with doing so, Jores has been there before.  He has helped companies that are just getting off the ground to those that are growing at a breakneck pace and experiencing some of the legal issues that accompany such success.   In the area of business disputes, Jores is experienced at representing company shareholders who are at odds due to officer or directors’ breaches of their fiduciary duties to keep shareholders’ best interests in mind with every decision they make on behalf of he company.  He also has successfully litigated a number of derivative actions brought on behalf of a company’s shareholders for individuals who were being harmed by management decisions that cost a company significant losses, thus impacting the value of shareholders’ holdings in a particular company or corporate entity.   Experienced California corporate law attorney Jores Kharatian of Kharatian Law is available to help you establish a new business, provide strategic insights if your business is growing, advocating on your behalf if company management or the board of directors is mismanaging a company in which you own a stake, or solving your most pressing business problems.  Contact Jores at or (626) 759-9900 to discuss your situation today.  

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