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California real estate attorney Jores Kharatian is experienced in representing residential home and commercial property buyers and sellers and both landlords and tenants in all aspects of California real estate transactions or disputes.  From representing homeowners who are purchasing their first home and want to ensure that closing goes smoothly to representing sellers who are concerned that their broker is violating his or her fiduciary duty under California law to representing landlords who are having problems with tenants who have not paid their rent in months or tenants with impossible landlords, Jores can help you in whatever real estate challenge or problem you are facing.   In the area of real estate sales, many California home or commercial property owners or sellers may not realize that real estate brokers in California owe a fiduciary duty to all their clients.  This fiduciary duty requires every broker to provide his or her client with accurate information regarding a property and to adhere to honest practices during every real estate transaction. The real estate brokerage industry in California is heavily regulated, but this cannot possibly stop every unscrupulous broker who may place his or her own interests before those of clients.  Unfortunately, sometimes real estate brokers do not live up to their fiduciary duties, and Los Angeles real estate attorney Jores Kharatian is here to assist buyers and sellers of residential or commercial properties who have been harmed as a result of real estate broker negligence or breach of their fiduciary duties under California law.   In the area of California landlord-tenant law, Jores Kharatian represents landlords who may have been harmed by a tenant who has breached the terms of their lease by remaining past the end of the tenant’s lease, who has damaged the property, has stopped paying rent but refuses to leave the property, or any other number of legal issues faced by landlords. Jores also represents tenants who may be facing a particularly problematic landlord who refuses to make needed repairs or deal with issues that affect the safety and health of the tenant and his or her family.  Therefore, if you are a Southern California landlord or tenant who needs help with any legal issue, experienced Los Angeles real estate attorney Jores Kharatian can assist in resolving your problems.   If you are in need of an experienced real estate attorney in the Southern California area, contact Jores Kharatian of Kharatian Law at or (626) 759-9900 to discuss your situation today.    

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