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Experienced Los Angeles transportation attorney Jores Kharatian of Kharatian Law, APC represents both carriers and shippers in litigation involving property losses suffered on interstate shipments under the Carmack Amendment to the Interstate Commerce Act.  If you are a shipper, broker, freight forwarder or carrier and are involved in the transportation business, you know that transportation and the shipment of goods is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States.  The Carmack Amendment created a uniform national policy for interstate carriers’ liability for property losses suffered by their customers.  Under this federal law, while a carrier is generally liable for the actual loss (or injury to damaged property) property of the goods shipped, the carrier may limit its liability to an agreed value established by a written shipper’s declaration or agreement between the carrier and shipper.  As anyone who has shipped goods before knows, damage or lost shipments are not uncommon in the transportation industry.  However, not every California attorney is familiar with the Carmack Amendment and its limitations on interstate carriers’ liability for property losses suffered in the shipment of goods.  Therefore, if you are a shipper and you retain an attorney who is unfamiliar with the Carmack Amendment, then you may be leaving money on the table in connection with any claim relating lost or damaged cargo that you have suffered.   Jores Kharatian also represents carriers and shippers in connection with false reporting of cargo performance issues that are submitted to Carrier411 and many of the other freight performance rating systems and platforms commonly used in the transportation industry.  In the transportation industry, a shipper or carrier’s reputation is everything; customers will not choose to use the services of a shipper or carrier if there are reports that the shipper or carrier is unsafe, unreliable, or engaging in fraudulent activities.  Although allowing the reporting of safety, performance, or other issues regarding a particular carrier or shipper is important, competitors or disgruntled customers may submit false reports to Carrier411 or similar reporting platform.  In such an instance, and given how important reputation is in the transportation business, an experienced attorney like Jores Kharatian can assist a carrier in dealing with the reporting agency to resolve the issue quickly and expeditiously with minimal impact to a carrier’s reputation and business.   Therefore, if you are a shipper who has suffered a loss on goods shipped in interstate commerce and you need an experienced transportation lawyer who will help protect your interests or you are a carrier who finds yourself dealing with false reporting regarding the services provided by your company, contact experienced California transportation attorney Jores Kharatian, Esq. of Kharatian Law at or (626) 759-9900 to discuss your situation today so that Jores can focus on resolving your issues while you focus on running your business.

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